March 19 solar eclipse astrology

This Aquarius Moon leads us to let go. To detach from the past and choose fantastic new timelines. Flashes of genius are being beamed to all of us right now.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Your impulse to move fast away from the no longer suitable is strong. Angst has no power. We are here to serve humanity, there is no time for anything petty. Problems are boring and a little too personal for the electric Aquarian energy. Drop them. The stars are aligned with the Lions gate. We can tap into the joyful abundance of our regal roots. The enthusiasm of fire is strong with many fortunate alignments this week.

The week ends with Jupiter direct. We are strong and brave and the timing is Divine. The strong fire energy supports us in our take off. Helps us believe what we know is true.

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Confidence is more natural now as a stellium of planets are all gathered in Leo. We are all getting a massive download of energy to help with our progress to our most joyful lives. Especially now with all the follow your heart vibes while the planets march with pride through Leo.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

We head towards the Aquarius Full moon on the 15th. Big warm glowing luck is shining down now. Step into the Light. Shine bright. It is time to reset your intentions. Where is your joy? Aim for it. Mercury stations Direct on the same day. We are moving swiftly through pivotal times. The game is changing. Anchor in to peaceful paths and playful days.

Choose Joy! With this new moon we can get a clear view of what we really, actually want to create in our world. Our inner child can come through. That little self needs some love and it most definitely deserves to live a life filled with true delight. July 28 The Sun moves to warm Sunny Leo. There is joy to be had-let your brave heart lead the way. For the next month we can tap into happy. Happy heals. Leo loves to have fun. Your very own version of it. If you are not sure what that is, Now you know where to focus. Leo is fabulous at creativity and dramatic self expression.

Now is a great time to put yourself out there. Express yourself. Feed your Soul some sun and let your inner sparkle shine. The Full moon brings to light what is hidden. The full moon Lunar Eclipse in Karmic Capricorn is no joke. The Eclipse ushers in the changes that keep us growing, which keeps us going.

Arduous though it may be at times.

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Times like these. Check the Capricorn area of your chart. There is so much energy in complicated opposition. Our relationship to what we Love is affected as Venus and Mars are conjunct in Cancer. There the North Node points the way to our evolution, yet this full moon is near the South Node of our past, lessons learned, seeds sowed. Sunday the 21st the healing will be obvious. Blessings are apparent.

This is a soothing end to a difficult week. Now you know. The Negative has been transformed to the positive through the alchemy of feeling. We made it. May the light of understanding soothe your Soul. May your boundaries be ablaze with Love. Change is imminent.

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For the next two weeks we enter the portal of pivotal times. This is your chance to drop the story, to get out of a rut and create new grooves. Look to the area of your charts highlighted by Cancer and Capricorn. Stoic Saturn and intense Pluto and the South Node are travelling together towards the great conjunction of New Moons are reset points.

Darkstar Astrology - Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars

A chance again to clarify your purpose and direction. A most important opportunity to set your intentions. This is powerful energy. A chance to tap into our deep history and ancestral lineage.

Pisces Solar Eclipse/New Moon – March 8-9, 2016

If we can understand what we are carrying we can set it down. Happy Summer Solstice. This is one of the power points of the year. What seeds have you planted? Do you have the resources to comfortably maintain your growth? We can see clearly on the longest day of the year. The Sun energizes us with the desire to evolve beyond our limitations, It charges us with energy and connects us to our Hearts.

source link This is a great day to count your blessings. A wonderful day to know you are Lucky. Tap into all that is fabulous and beam it into your future. We are heading towards the Eclipse portal on July 2nd. Change is in motion. Great big Fabulous Change.

Lean in with you heart. Now we can expand beyond our previous mindsets, we can step away from self imposed limitations. Watch how fast things change.

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This full moon happens right on the edge of the galactic center, it leads us through incredible terrain where we can access Truth and Integrity. We can use the special mix of energy to expand beyond our own limitations. We can find the truth in our hearts which leads us to freedom- Our birthright.

Through our understanding there is growth. Don't linger on last time, or before.