Aries horoscope for march 25 2020

Flex those boundary muscles, and keep it all the way real with anyone who crosses them. International lover?

The Year of the Metal Rat 2020

Venus lights up your travel and education zone, helping your heart beat fast for the exotic and the intellectual. Mercury ends its retrograde in the same space on Thursday, so you can see what brilliance and wisdom you can contribute in the areas that need it. Mars enters your completion, healing, and surrender sector on Sunday, so you can lean on a spiritual practice to let go of fear and worry. Venus is electrifying your intimacy, erotic, and transformative zone on Tuesday. You want to bond deeply and sexually with another.

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Mercury ends its retrograde in that sector on Thursday, helping you feel more adaptable and comfortable with intimacy. Mars enters your friendship space on Sunday, which places you in leadership positions among them and could make conflict likely—avoid petty drama!

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  5. Ready for romance, Virgo? Venus enters your love and partnership arena on Tuesday, helping you invite or deepen the intimacy you crave. Then on Thursday, Mercury Retrograde ends in this zone, so your optimism and efforts in this area will return swiftly. Mars moves into your career sector on Sunday, so assert your independence and worthiness at work.

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    Does it spark joy, Libra? Venus slides into your Marie Kondo zone on Tuesday, helping you beautify your routines along with your health and wellness habits. Mars enters your international and educational world on Sunday, encouraging you to travel and learn more than you ever thought possible. Courage, Scorpio! Venus moves into your outspoken, heart-spilling, and confidence sector on Tuesday, so you can share the story of your heart.

    Mercury ends its retrograde there on Thursday, helping you apply new lessons to these efforts—perhaps when it comes to intimacy and commitment?

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    Mars enters your sexual zone on Sunday, so advocate for your erotic needs and desires while being open to compromising with others. Home is where the heart is, Sagittarius!


    Venus begins a homecoming on Tuesday in your tender space of family and emotional safety. Mercury ends its retrograde there, helping you see loved ones and home differently. Then on Sunday, Mars sets fire to your romance sector, so you can negotiate with your lover. Think of conflict as a wish for closeness, not for separation. Put it in a love letter, Capricorn!

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    Venus enters your communication zone on Tuesday, so speak your romantic truths to those who genuinely need to hear it. Mars ignites your health and wellness arena on Sunday, helping you get your passion back for personal excellence. Make it rain, Aquarius! Venus moves into your financial and worth sector on Tuesday, giving you the coin and abundance you need.

    The timing is perfect, because Mercury ends its retrograde on Thursday, helping you feel more secure around money.

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